my studio

I have been very busy with orders so here's where I am spending a lot of time at the moment. I am lucky to have the whole of the basement in our house as my studio, this is it looking fairly tidy. My sewing machine gave up on me so my ancient Singer has been called into action. I have had it since I was a teenager and it probably belonged to my granny before me. What an amazingly robust piece of machinery! I haven't used it for 10 years but it still sews the best straight stitch, if it stitched backwards as well I would use it all the time. 


  1. Looks nice and spacious :) Needs to be if you're spending so much time there...
    My gran was a seamstress. She had a Singer which is now waiting patiently for me to pick it up at my mum's. I love them too.

  2. Gosh u are lucky!! What an studio space and so much light!! I have my studio iin my house too, in my second room, is north facing so not so much sun specially this days haha..I like your work very much. I was wondering how did you do that screen printing table? I have a plain one but need to build a similar device to yours to keep the screen in place, any advice welcome!!!
    Regards from peckham

  3. Oh my! I envie your space!
    I have to share a room with my man...
    I wish I had a roo of my own!!!



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