pure and simple

It's very easy to overlook the glassware shelf in the charity shops but I have been keeping my eye on them just lately and these are just of a few of my latest finds. I love the big glass apple and the hyacinth vases, there's something magical about seeing the roots and the sturdy little shoot, reminds me that spring is on it's way.
It's my sisters birthday today so one hyacinth is for her along with a very pretty engraved bottle, some old sheets of stick on numbers and a length of vintage ribbon which I made into a peg dolly with a button hat. A funny old collection but I know it's all just her sort of thing - hope she doesn't see this before I see her!


  1. wonderful peg lady!
    I have 2 hyacinth at home too...and I agree with you : It's magic to see them grow up! :-)



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