Lucienne Day 1917-2010

Lucienne Day who sadly died on 30th January was my textile design heroine, she paved the way for women in the design industry and her outstanding designs based on abstractions of natural forms still influence and inspire.
One of my earliest textile memories is the Ducatoon fabric bought by my mum from Heals in the sixties and made into curtains that travelled with us from house to house. She never did get round to finishing them and I remember the rusty old pins that held up the hem. The cushions, sitting where they belong - on my Ercol sofa, are made from a short length of Rock Rose fabric I found in a flea market a few years ago - beautiful. 

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  1. I do love the 2 Lucienne Day prints you have posted. I made a cushion too with some of her fabric that I was lucky to find. And I am totally with your mother on not hemming curtains. I have a pair that have fitted windows in 3 different houses due to not getting round to hemming them!!
    I have just discovered your etsy shop and really like your prints.



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