day off 2

After the V&A I took a walk around South Kensington visiting some of my favourite shops selling things I can't afford - Scandium, Few and Far, Mint and Margaret Howell; home of the understated English style that I aspire to but can't quite achieve because of my boot sale and charity shop habit. Then on to the Kings Road where I checked out the new Anthropologie (do they sell anything without a bobble or a frill!?) in the old Antiquarious site, what an amazing building. Then on to The Shop at Bluebird via Sigmar where I fell for the hand blocked wallpaper, I may be able to afford one sample sheet! On the way I visited the good old Conran Shop in the fabulous Michelin building. It was like stepping back in time to the 80s, I swear their displays have not changed - Phillipe Starck ghost chairs still abound. They were also guilty of taking the annoying trend of arranging books rainbow-style to a new extreme, holes drilled into hundreds of old books to make a colour coordinated window display, it made me cross!


  1. Didn't realise Anthropologie was in the old Antiquarious place... I think I'll have to come window shopping with you one day, loved this!

  2. Really love your stuff .... and hav ebeen stalking ebay for an ercol studio couch for a long time ... then I saw this:


  3. omg, so jealous. I was in london last august and stayed in sth kensington, the V&A was gorgeous! love your blog btw!



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