leaving the nest

Last weekend we took the lovely Lucy up to Newcastle and left her there which seemed a strange and unnatural thing to do. She starts her fashion course at university this week and is currently well stuck into freshers week. Newcastle is an amazing city with a lively nightlife, home to the shortest skirts and highest heels I have ever seen!
Before she left she decided to have a tattoo, which I was not pleased about. But the choice was entirely hers and she loves it, well I suppose no one else will have one quite like this! She very sweetly says that her only fear was that roddy&ginger would be so successful it would be like having the Boots logo on her back, I told her not to worry!
Her twin brother has chosen to study art closer to home so the nest is not quite empty yet!


  1. I wish that Lucy has a briliant course in the University...her tattoo is adorable!
    Now you have the perfect excuse to do some trips to Newcastle!


  2. Oh, I feel for you! Must be very strange, Newcastle is a long way away BUT you know she'll have a fantatsic time!
    Not a lover of tatoo's, but she's got great taste...

  3. All the best to Lucy. My girl has a couple of tattoos too but I can't imagine that she would choose one of my designs for one. Take it as a complement that she wants a little symbol of mum with her! x

  4. Mmm this will be me in a couple of years time with my daughter so I can imagine how you feel :-(
    I also feel the same way about tattoos as you do.

  5. thank-you for the comments! I've actually grown quite fond of the tatoo, it always makes people smile (or sometimes laugh!) which can't be a bad thing

  6. I have to admit I am not a big fan of tattoos either. I'm glad it's a long time off before my two will be free to have one. But I have to say that this is one of the nicest ones I have seen.

  7. What an adorable tatoo! She must be proud of her mom!



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