my funny valentine

Apart from my husband (obviously) this is what I am loving today. Back in the day this was the ultimate design statement typewriter - the Olivetti Valentine designed by Etorre Sottsass in 1969. Glossy red with orange spools, in its own bucket style carrying case with black rubber fasteners, it is vintage typewriter heaven. I spotted it a couple of weeks ago, it looked rather grubby and the bucket had a mysterious puddle inside but it's all in working order, except the bell, which is a great shame because a typewriter is rather sad without it's ding! However it will make a great prop. I now have four vintage typewriters, I promise this is the last one.


  1. Sweet comic valentine... you couldn't walk past that one!

  2. Hi there, Just saw Pip at Meet me at Mikes has one, or its used in wedding pics she was involved it! I am eagle eyed today! I love it lots- want one! Jx



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