happy lion

I am up to leo in my horoscope illustrations for Red Magazine so looking for lions everywhere. The lion that I grew up with and my favourite (alongside Parsley) is the Happy Lion by Louise Fatio with lovely illustrations by Roger Duviosin. There were a series of Happy Lion story books first published between the fifties and seventies and I have three of them, picked up over the years in charity and second hand book shops. I think they have been reissued now, but the new versions are never the same so I am always on the look out for the originals. Plenty of copies new and old available online.


  1. Such beautiful illustrations! I'm a leo and if you make the lion look just as happy as this I will be very pleased! Can't wait to see all of the finished signs!x

  2. thank-you rebecca, I am leo too, so I am always away on holiday for my birthday which has the benefit of not having to draw attention to it and therefore appearing to to get any older!

  3. i love roger duvoisin. thaat cover is perfect. x

  4. This is not on topic - but did I just see your wallpaper on Eastenders?????


  5. Yes, you might have done, i am trying to keep it a bit quiet, not sure how i feel about it!



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