bark cloth

I have got hold of a roll of cotton barkcloth, so it made sense to me to print some log pile!

I don't really have the space or equipment for printing meterage of fabric as my print table is long and thin, so it is quite a slow process. The fabric has a lovely textured, vintage feel and soft finish but needs a lot of squeegee work to get a good even colour which I don't mind as I always feel that I am having a bit of a work-out while I am printing. When I use up my stocks of linen logpile cushions I will have the next batch made in the barkcloth. I am also thinking about having meterage printed for me, could be next years project, I will keep you posted!


  1. Oooh, it's SO lovely! I love barkcloth, I don't have any of your beautiful cushions yet, I think I'll wait for one made of this! Rachel :)

  2. i love barkcloth, and the texture is perfect for your logs. x



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