stocking up

This was one of my first products ever, back in the days when I had two screens and a kitchen table. My Icelandic Christmas stocking comes out every year and I always sell a few. This year they are selling as fast as I can make them, must be the triangles. Quite a few are heading over to USA and Australia where 'holiday' shopping seems to have kicked off early (is it early? maybe not). The elves are going to be busy this weekend.

Available in my etsy and online store

Still time to enter the great logbook giveaway! just leave a comment for a chance to win. You can also follow me on twitter (please leave a comment here too so that I know) for two chances to win. Ends Sunday at 6.00pm UK time.


  1. oooh the stocking looks gorgeous...always vulnerable to a nice stocking...i have more than is required but they always look lovely hanging around the house.....off to see your shop......have a lovely if busy week-end x

  2. Hey doesn't that look lovely,what a fab print,and the giftwrap's not bad too!!!!



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