the only way is up

January over, and for a number of reasons it has been a very difficult month, at times I have felt like giving it all up and getting a proper job. But hey! it's February, there aren't any jobs out there and I feel like I am reaching the top of this particular hill.

So here's my February list:

Do another trade show. I signed up for a stand at Pulse which takes place in May and have now overcome serious second thoughts and paid up, so there's no going back. I have three months to come up with something new, not sure what yet. Could be textiles, paper, ceramic or all three. Maybe another tray? Although I think Kerry has come up with the ultimate collection, look no further!

Get out more. Lucy is off to Stockholm today to go to the furniture fair and generally hang out for a couple of days. I am a very envious mum, but she is going to report back to me with what's new out there in the world of design.

Redesign my website. With a page for my illustration portfolio and social media buttons in place. I am already on Twitter and although nobody knows yet, Pinterest and Instagram, just getting to grips with these, who has the time??

Sort out my mailing list, get a newsletter up and running.

What with my freelance design work, this will keep me busy but my other aim is to make more time to see my all-important friends.

There, it's written down now - I have to do it!

p.s. the illustration is from 'My Hands' a 'read and find out book' with illustrations by Aliki, always makes me smile.


  1. My to-do list is scarily the same. Pulse, design new things, social media, mailing list and have a life still amongst all that!! See you at Pulse! Alison

  2. I like your list, January is the ugliest and most difficult month of the year, i have been lucky enough to spend in GC and there is not way bak, from now on it will be the norm, sorry but there are so many days i can be and live without seeing and feeling the sun on my skin, and for seeing friends, i hope I ma one of yours, see you soon my dear.

  3. I have the 'proper job' debate, with myself, all the time but always come to realise that it would be a far less enjoyable life. Because I am feeling a bit like this at the moment I am going to follow your lead and make a kind of fresh start.
    At least we all go through this together.
    Emma. X

  4. Jan was a hard month, but I 'heard' that the real new year energies begin on feb 4th according to feng shui tradition - even the birdsong is changing to a spring one - so a perfect time to put new shoots forward. For me your blog is a ray of sunshine through these dark days, and inspiring me to think about what I could do outside my dayjob!! Best wishes Cx

  5. thank-you for kind wishes! and that makes sense because I started to feel a bit more positive after the 4th, there must be something in it! x

  6. what a beautiful illustration ' the only way is up'.
    I recognized your to do list. You have so many options for social media, sometimes it is hard to find time to do everything good! I love your stuff and blog!



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