catch up

Its been a couple of weeks since exhibiting at Pulse, busy ones, so I have just now found time to catch up with a few pictures of my stand. The lighting was not good so the pictures are a little stark. 
Most of my stand was made up from my kitchen furniture with the addition of a set of Ikea wall shelves, and looking round the exhibition made me realise how the majority of displays incorporated a piece of kit from Ikea, where would we be without them! 
The new Smalltown wallpaper and textiles collections went down really well so production is under way. I hope to have the wallpaper and teatowels by August. The cushions are hand printed so will be available a bit sooner - as soon as I find time to update my shop to be honest!

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  1. Love the stand, it is perfect. Love that wooden house on the wall...very related with the new collection. Congratulation for the success



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