stormy weather

This lady hanging in my window looking over a cold and rainy London is La Vella Quaresma or the Old Woman of Lent. She is Carme's creation from her lovely blog la meva maleta all the way from Barcelona. In Catalonia, home of the quirky custom she is hung in the window for Lent and one of her seven legs is pulled off for each week leading up to Easter, this is to bring luck for the year. Only one leg left which reminds me that time is running out and I have a lot to do for a couple of events taking place soon after Easter, so I will be printing and stitching (and eating chocolate) for the next two weeks. 
The silver cloud necklace cheers me up, it's from cup of sea who make their playful jewellery nearby in this soggy corner of London, also handy for putting on lipstick or fiddling with contact lenses.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely surprise! I know this Lady!

    I'm impatient to see your new works. I indulge myself with chocolate when I'm too busy...even when Easter is over!

    I wish you a happy Easter too...



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