musical inspiration

Vintage record sleeves are a great source of colourful inspiration, it is always worth digging through the piles of Des O'Conner and 80's rock albums for classical titles from the 50's and 60's. I found a stack of them in the charity shop for 50p each and picked out these three. I love the bold shapes, colours and no nonsense typography. La Traviata is so pretty she is going into a frame. Now I need to look out for a vintage deck so that I can play them!


  1. Wow! The first sleeve is beautiful. Almost like a mogdiliani painting (i think that's the spelling ;0})... where do you find such treasures?! Lou x

  2. hi Lou - these were from a charity shop in lovely Penge! - always worth a look v x

  3. that's so funny, i swear my parents had these growing up!



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