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I discovered a basement book shop in Crystal Palace. A cobwebby underground space with tens of thousands of old books in tottering towers. The low ceiling  and the chain smoking owner gave it a Dickensian atmosphere which is just how secondhand book shops should be. There were corners of the shop that had not been disturbed for years, one row of books was propped up by a small rock hard loaf of brown bread. I staggered out gasping for air with a small stack of unusual books. Here are just a few; a german book about goldfish, a british ramblers guide, a cute japanese story book (flying pants?!) and a series of books about India with beautiful bold cover illustrations.

Kate has selected a winner for the roddy&ginger giveaway over on her blog. Congratulations to Tonya Henehan, there will be a happy birds cushion in the post! And thank-you to everyone who entered.

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  1. Terrific book covers...you allways know where to find treasures!
    Although I wasn't the winner of the giveaway, I thank you for the opportunity!

    Congrats to the happy winner!



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