handy book

My sister gave me this little Penguin book on my birthday, full of handy advice to make me feel guilty. My allottment is looking very neglected at the moment, I still have giant courgettes and I have not been diligently filling up cold frames with seedlings like this lady. So I am unlikely to get 2' 6"(!) carrots next year. I do have a bumper crop of quinces again so I might make some membrillo, although last year it involved about five hours of stirring so maybe it will be jelly this time.


  1. I wouldnt worry about your allotment. I hadnt been up to mine in a month and it's all just ticking along. I think most people go off the boil with gardening this time of year. Next spring we will be back potting, sewing and pricking out with gusto! lou x

  2. Love the look of this book although I'm afraid we certainly aren't as methodical! It's been a pretty poor year in our veggie patch, don't know why... savannah's just brought in a couple of late strawberries for lunch though so better than nothing!



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