love letters

I couldn't decide between these two lovely vintage Olivetti typewriters when I saw them in the charity shop so I bought them both. I love their morris minor colours and the red button and the ding! Anyone here under the age of twenty is fascinated by them. I think they are just amazed by letters coming out of a such a primitive mechanical object.
I couldn't find an exclaimation mark key which shows that the overuse of this particular bit of punctuation must be a very modern thing!!
As it says on the last image, I am going to do my first roddy&ginger giveaway next week so please come back and take part!!! details soon.


  1. waw! I love your last findings...
    I'm impatiently waiting for your next giveaway!


  2. Hi! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your beautiful blog. Your post today reminded me of my mother's old typewriter that I played with as a child (exactly the same colour as yours, she sold it long ago sadly!) She taught us to type a full stop, scroll back and then type an "I" or small dash (I can't remember exactly what) in that same spot to get the exclamation marks. Labour intensive, but worth it!

  3. thank-you fiona, good tip!!! p.s love your black study wall, I am tempted but my study is in the basement and it may end up being a little bit too goth!

  4. Oh great find! Lovely colour too.

  5. Wow great photos, really i like to see in your blog, Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, what wonderful finds! I would have got them both too!

  7. I wouldn't have known which typewriter to choose either and would have to buy both!
    Funny there not being an exclamation mark on there - I must look on my Dad's old typewriter to see if there is one on there.
    Looking forward to the giveaway!

  8. Oh I'm jealous - both those typewriters are gorgeous.

    Just came to your blog via KrimKrams as you left some really useful tips about markets/car boot sales in London - thank you!



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