mid-century chair

There was plenty to see at the Midcentury Modern Show and not too many crowds this year, maybe because there is going to be a second show in north London in May. My favourite stands upstairs among the contemporary designers were lovely printed textiles from Maria Hatling and Eleanor Prichards' beautiful wool blankets woven in Wales. And it was really nice to catch up with Sally Nencini who was selling her knitted wares. I came away with a 60's Danish office chair in a very sunny shade of yellow. My office is in a very dark corner so it really cheers it up. I may make a cushion pad out of this vintage fabric.


  1. what?! there's going to be another show in north london in may? hoorah!

  2. so it says on their website - 15th May at Lords Cricket Ground (that is north isn't it? I get a bit lost north of the river!)

  3. Great find Virginia...such a lovely shade of yellow too. Pleased to hear it wasn’t so crowded this time around. It was hell last year1 Perhaps I’ll check out the North one. We’re moving North now by the way (more convenient for Dan’s family and new job). I did love it in your neck of the woods though. Thanks for all your advice :)



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