perfect companions

This funny little pottery lady was my 50p spend in the charity shop this weekend, so now I have some company for my funny pottery reindeer and an excellent prop for my folkdance print. I am not sure where these figures come from, the reindeer has a tiny scrap of label on it that looks like Russian, does anyone know?

Update - they are indeed Russian, many thanks to Sheila who recognised them from her collection of Russian matchbox labels as Dymkovo toys and she writes about them here on her blog. While you are there check out her illustrations - really lovely!


  1. Hi
    These figures look a lot like the ones on these matchbox labels which I have that are certainly Soviet in origin. I have just put them up on my blog if you are interested. www.sheilamoxley.blogspot.com.
    Have just done a little bit of research - they are, I think, Dymkovo toys. Google "Dymkovo toys" and lots of info comes up! They are really quite interesting.

  2. Hi,
    I bought a horse that looked exactly like those figures from Moscow in 1992.
    I stupidly gave it to my son when he was a baby and he broke it.......we live and learn!

    p.s.I really like reading your blog



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