twiggy shelves 2

My twiggy shelves are leading a glamorous life of their own and have popped up in this months Elle Deco (how? I don't know!) I remember puzzled amusement from family and friends when I brought these hand crafted rustic shelves home from the junk shop - ha!


  1. I love these shelves. Painted white they are awesome.. in dark spooky wood maybe not so! How nice that big magazines think your place is cool too. Lou x

  2. I know that look, but I love your idea!

  3. yes i saw those shelves and wondered if they were yours. it was the jules & jim record that gave it away! beautiful image. did you not give permission then? x

  4. No permission given, the image was from the Decorate book but not credited. Elle Deco now top of my list for PR, think I will introduce them to roddy&ginger asap.

  5. How cheeky of them! They owe you at least a credit - or how about a whole feature!

    PS Feel very cheeky myself not getting in touch since the Decorate launch... Was lovely to chat to you both and put a face to the name!



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