blue and orange

Blue is the colour - behind the kitchen shelves, it's quite intense so takes a bit of getting used to but it certainly makes the orange pop.  On the subject of orange, this is my husband's first ever hi-fi, brought back from Wales, a splendid combo of orange, teak and stainless steel. Unfortunately we have nothing to play on it as I was never much of a music collector and I made him take all his prog rock albums to the charity shop along with his star wars annuals - was that a bit mean of me?

The blue is Trelleborg by Siecle paints, available here and is the same colour as my Logpile wallpaper in woodsmoke - just thought I'd tell you that.

Finally....worth watching tonight: The Kids's Speech, BBC 1 at 10.35. About the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children where my son attended a speech course this summer, a really inspiring place.


  1. Lovely colour! I liked the green before too. Well my husband has 6 boxes of records under the stairs- not sure if punk, goth and grunge would be welcome tho! LOL

  2. Ooh the blue is ver fresh i like it! the orange record player is fab...i know someone who would be very jealous of that!x



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