day at the fair

We took a trip up the Renegade Craft Fair on Brick Lane this weekend, lots of lovely crafts to see, buy and do, although a bit overwhelming when it's all in one place. Robert is still puzzling over the sight of a table full of needle felters. It was nice to have a chat with robin&mould, their perky foxes and sleepy owls were a familiar sight and stood out amongst the cuteness. We followed up with lunch at the Story Deli in Redchurch Street, amazing frilly pizzas served in a space that is casual and romantic and slightly chaotic.

I have to say I was quite relieved to be just looking at the craft fair and not selling, although on that note I will be wallpapering a small corner of the Mid-Century Modern Show on 20th November where I have taken an upstairs space. Plenty of work to do!


  1. Aww in so jealous, i really wanted to go but funds did not allow! Im pretty jealous of that pizza too...yum x

  2. It was really good to meet you too at last! Sorry it took me so long to realise who you were!! We had a great if a tad tiring time. Meeting the people behind the things we like is always my favourite bit - that and the purchasing!! Good luck at Mid-Century Modern. I'm sure your beautiful wallpaper will wow the crowds.



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