busy family

Not the only one in the family who has been busy, my sisters latest book is out (at least I think it's her latest, I have rather lost track). Christmas Crafting (in no time - sounds good to me!) by Clare Youngs, published by Cico. Packed full of easy step by steps to Christmas lovelyness. I played a small part in the making of the book, providing various props including the tiny parcel for the mice.
And for all this sticking - you will need my favourite glue, the glue of my childhood! My father always used it to stick the pictures into the family album. Coccoina paper glue available from labour&wait. It smells deliciously like the stuff they put into the almond croissants at Costa, in fact I think it is the stuff they put into the almond croissants at Costa.


  1. he he lovely! Your sisters book looks fab! thanks for your comment on my blog, My Lil has Little Plum book but I've never read it, will have to read it on my next wipe out week! I love your work, beautiful!

  2. Wow! we had the same glue at primary school too, except that it came in a round plastic tub with a little space for a spatula. Seeing this has sent all the memories of the lovely almondy smell flooding back.



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