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The date for the Midcentury Modern show is fast approaching and I am surrounded by unfinished jobs, prints to print, ladder shelves to paint, foamex flats to wallpaper, bench to upholster, a new screen that I haven't had a chance to test yet. On the plus side I am very glad to have found a lovely person to sew cushions for me, and I am having tea-towels printed for me, whether they will arrive in time for MCM I do not know. It will all come together, I keep telling myself.

In the meantime I find time to waste looking at new favourite blog from Finland  weekday carnival - I want to move to Finland!

Midcentury Modern is on 20th November at Dulwich College London SE21. If all goes to plan I will be wallpapering my small corner of it upstairs. A great day out, it would be lovely to see you there!

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  1. finish blogs are so cool. the coolest i think. looks like you're v busy. love to make it to the mcm show but dulwich is a bit of a schlep for me. i went to the lords one in the summer, but i have a feeling it's not a patch on dulwich. ho hum. welsh spoons coming on a treat!



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