spring clean

Inspired by the scent of spring in the air and the happy find of a ready made-up Alex plans chest in the bargain corner of Ikea, I set about sorting out my studio this week. Scruffy cardboard boxes and yoghurt cartons are banned. Screen printing inks now in storage jars from Poundstretcher (£5.00 for 3, bargain!) postcards and pigments into Ikea kitchen drawer boxes, squeegees into Ikea washing up bowl, pencils into mugs from the poundshop, hippo rubber from Tiger and vintage sketchbook from Spain. 


  1. practical and stylish! Just how I like it! Have a great weekend Virginia. Lou x

  2. Looking good! That would be a place that you would want to spend time in.

  3. Replies
    1. Looks really nice and clean. I did the same today and decorate my workingroom with the new pop-up posters of Jurianne Matter.
      Have a nice weekend,

  4. The spanish sketch book brings great memories of my early drawings hours. I used to have lots of those at home. An already made ALEX UNIT please you must be joking, I am getting a new one soon, and can not bear the idea of making it up, so lucky you, I will be having a new studio/office at home in June ready for the Dulwich festival, shame I wont be able to visit you as I will be at the house all the time, good luck with it. Marga



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