trendy pie

Skinny sticks of pink rhubarb picked from the allotment this weekend, enough for a very small crumble in my now trendy pie dish. Falconware has gone the way of stripy butchers string. Funny how all of a sudden the most humble object can be everywhere. No lad-style TV cooking programme or cool new cafe is complete without people slurping soup or eating honest burgers from this ubiquitous blue and white enamelware. Raid your gran's cupboard or find it cheap at your local scruffy high street bucket shop. Or buy a boxed set here for £54.99 (!!!!)

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  1. It's funny how it's back in fashion. I remember there being a falconware mug in the cupboard at home, and no one ever wanted to use it. I've got bulbs planted in an old falconware dish too.



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