Bingo! Twister cushion in pink with the latest colour palette in this months Elle Deco, no doubt if I were more clued-up I would be tweeting this. I have at least worked out how to make my blog images bigger (thank-you Fran, though I haven't yet worked out how to get them the same width) ...next stop social media!

On the subject of tweeting I spotted my happy birds print making a tiny appearance in the same issue. Along with my favourite logs I think they are the star of the show. This image was taken a while ago when our house was used for shoot and for a couple of days we had the luxury of carpet underfoot. I have to say we found wall to wall barcode a bit hard to live with. Not my chair by the way, although I do have a quite a number to choose from.


  1. yes i saw your print! was gonna email you but figured you'd have seen it too. it's such a gorgeous edition of elle deco too. still savouring it slowly. you seem to be ahead of the trends colour-wise. x

  2. Hi Virgina
    These are really beautiful cushions - don't take this the wrong way - I had to do a double take as to whether the design was modern or not. I think that it is up there with Lucienne Day's designs.

    I don't know how or if you edit the size of your photos before you blog but if you use Photoshop you can edit the size of the photos to all have the same width. In Photoshop click on ‘image size’ and alter the size to the required width.

    If you right click on the photos on this blog post and then click 'Properties' you will see that the top photo is 564 x 650 pixels and the bottom one is 547 x 650 pixels. So therefore they are both the same height - 650 pixels but have different widths. You can choose the width that you like best and alter your photos to that before you post them or experiment with different widths to find the one you like best. What you may find is that the height is no longer the same i.e. it may automatically change from 650 pixels to something else, in proportion to the original photo size. But it probably does not matter that the height of the blog photos are different as they will all now be the same width and look more uniform – which is what I guess you would like them to be?

    Hope that helps.




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