We have been on a little trip (more about that later) and when I return from a few days away I always want to change the house. I tend to drift between the simplicity of Scandinavian design and the organic, artisan quality of the Mediterranean. These concrete floor tiles fall into both camps. From Swedish company Marrakeck Design they come in lovely cool colours and can be arranged in any number of pattern combinations. Of course we have no where to put them, I would like them on the kitchen wall but we have to keep changing the colour for photographic shoots. This year it has been olive green, blue, back to olive and now this grey which I may keep for a bit. The colour is called 'nothing makes people happy' from my favourite eccentrically named paint shop Colour Makes People Happy.


  1. Really beautiful. And I am with you, that scandinavian style with mediterranean touch.

  2. Really gorgeous, what a great company.



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