by the sea

Some images from our weekend, we got away from the London madness and escaped to the seaside.  Twister cushion found a new home in my sister Clare's house among her collection of studio pottery and delicate paper sculptures, some destined for her latest book due to be published in the Autumn. We hung around Margate old town for a bit, amongst the vintage shops and bank holiday mods and rockers (all looking a bit vintage as well these days) and saw the beautiful Tracey Emin exhibition at the Turner Contemporary, not many mods and rockers there, a different bunch of people altogether.


  1. blimey you sisters are super stylish! ;-) xx

  2. Thank-you lou! I am trying to persuade her to start a blog it would be a great one, but she is too busy with scissors and thread at the moment!

  3. Gorgeous images!

    I love that whole corner of England, from Whitstable right round to Hastings, so many good seaside towns.

  4. lovely photos! I keep meaning to make my way over to Turner Contemporary, the Tracey Emin exhibition might be the reason to haul myself over there! I like the blog redesign too!

  5. Its on my place to visit, love your prints so beautiful and such gorgeous colours too!



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