father's day

I was prompted by Francesca's father's day post to write this one. Here's my dad taken when suitable wear for a summer holiday in Rome was a tweed sports jacket and neat parting.
And a bit about him, he:
- doesn't believe in fathers day
- famously read Proust on the beach while my mum coped with four children under six
- has never cooked a meal in his life but makes the perfect Mojito
- still takes my mum to the same restaurant in Paris where they have been going to for over 60 years (sadly closed down this year - now a Japanese take-out).
- occasionally hangs out at the Groucho Club
- is a great 'Pa' to nine grandchildren

And the other important dad in our lives, here's Robert with Charlie, taken some time ago I have to say, but I love this picture. I have thought about re-creating it but I think it would freak me out as Charlie is now a good head taller than his dad.
And a bit about him, he:
- left Wales aged 22 with just a rucksack and £200 in his pocket to seek his fortune in London
- four years later when everyone else was raving it up in muddy fields he was father of twins
- has passed down his amazingly long eyelash gene to Lucy and his dyslexia to Charlie
- helps Charlie a lot
- makes Lucy laugh just by wearing his jeans
- has filled our garage with zip-up rubbery outfits, hooks and harnesses (kite-surfing kit, honest!!)
- will stand on a beach in a gale with his wind monitor 'checking the wind'
- is rubbish at DIY
- cooks the best sunday lunch
- has fixed my computer!

Happy Fathers day!


  1. Thanks for sharing these little details of your family life Virginia, you made me smile. Hope they both have had a great day!

  2. lovely lists! i must say i think your father is extremely cool. just sits around reading proust and making mojitos? he's got it sussed! x

  3. Beautiful both father descriptions.
    Just so simple, just so important things.
    Enjoy a lot the day.



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