Modern day out

It was a frosty day, flocks of geese were grazing on the playing fields and Hogwarts style lights hovered over the impressive array of Mid-Century furniture in the fabulous '60s setting of the Christensen Hall at Dulwich College. I was hoping that my corner at the Mid-Century Modern show on Sunday would look cool, minimal and edited. As usual, it ended up as a bit of a market stall. I can't resist piling on products old and new. 
Lucy stepped in as my lovely assistant and we had a busy day, made all the better by friendly neighbours Mark from mini-moderns (all on his own while Keith manned their Christmas pop-up shoppe in Columbia Road) and Julia from Winter's Moon, it was great to catch up. What amazed me was that at an event full of cool hunting mid-century types our best seller was the roddy the owl print, it seems everyone still loves an owl.


  1. Oh I think your stall looks v. stylish - all your designs go together so beautifully.

    So true about owls. I thought it was all over for the owl as well, but just had a gallery who stocks my work desperate for more of mine - can't sell them quick enough!

  2. Thank-you! I have been trying to retire my owls back to the woods for quite a while now, what do I do!

  3. Looks great! Love how wallpaper is arranged...looks really good.
    Good luck!



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