house story

Yes, I know that geometrics are the big thing right now but try as I might to come up with a design that I am happy with that doesn't have a face or feathers or branches it just doesn't feel like me. This one bridges the gap I think, simple shapes with just enough story. Heres a sneak preview of work in progress - colour sampling on barkcloth and trying it out as a wallpaper. A bit of fine tuning is required and screens to be remade as I got the separations wrong first time, but I hope to have a small collection ready for Pulse in May.

I would love to know what you think!


  1. I like it! It's different but still you, well done! I think my fave is in the top picture, on the right (the pinky one).

  2. I like it but I feel it is a bit full..in the last picture, in the wallpaper form, I feel the opaque houses are a bit full..maybe bigger windows not to fill all with colour?
    But it is only my poor opinion...

  3. Love these so much. I also love the pinkx

  4. My favourite is the pink & grey at the top too :)

  5. oh super duper! love it. i think there is plenty enough white (re ibb's comment). x

  6. I love it, my fave colourway is the lime.
    I think the wallpaper is bob on too. I would defo buy the wallpaper. xxx

  7. I really love these! I like all the colour-ways and the design is perfectly you.

    Good luck with the launch, I'm sure this will be a great success!
    Ruth xx

  8. Fine! It`s not too full at all. I think this is the best you have done for a while.



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