mother's day

It's mother's day, and here is my mum looking the picture of elegance, she was and still is very beautiful. I think this was taken in Rome by my dad in the '50s - how glamourous!

Meanwhile flash forward, and la vita has not been so dolce here, things have changed in our tall skinny house and instead of a neat square we are now a triangle.

However, I am glad to say that of all the shapes we could be, triangles are the strongest which is a very good thing. I have my lovely twins happily living at home even though they are grown up 21year olds. Flash forward another five years and I will probably be thinking - will they ever leave!? but right now I consider myself to be the luckiest of mums x


  1. Three is a magic number, oh yes it is :-)

  2. Happy's Mother Day, I hope you had a nice Sunday with your loved ones, yes you are lucky indeed to have your kids still living with you, I would probably be with my mother too if I was in Spain and I am way over my 20's. Remember this is your year, and it is better to have a well formed triangle than a not so good square...

  3. hugs to you and your lovely two...
    and it would be really lovely to catchup one morning if you are free...

  4. triangles rock, as well you know :-)
    lovely picture. i have one of my mum too in italy, looking all 'roman holiday'. x



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