school memories

This blackboard wall in our kitchen was created for two reasons. One, to disguise an ugly door and two, because I found this old box of school chalks in a junk shop. The jolly design is exactly as I remember from my schooldays and I longed for a proper blackboard rubber like the one our maths teacher aimed at the girls in the back of class. So I was more than delighted when I found one in a euro shop in Girona along with square! chalks. Its these little things make me happy! (Euro shops are another thing I like about Spain, much more exiting than pound shops)


  1. I love your blackboard wall and we are debating about whether to do the same in our bumpy-walled kitchen. Dusty though,no?

  2. Not very dusty at all, must be those good old school chalks!

  3. lovely scrummy, loving those chalks (& the old box is tres exciting!). i thought i'd say hi as i bought one of your prints a few months ago and totally love it - and so does everyone that sees it - i have put a post on my blog about it & linked you too - hope you like how i've displayed it! sharon x



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