things I like about Spain - La Moda

One of the many reasons to visit our nearest city, Girona. La Moda, a tiny shop that sells everything you will ever need for sewing. The shop is always busy and the service meticulously helpful so be prepared for a long wait while you take in the thousands of buttons and threads on offer. The window display is a delight, this month it was a fine display of fans.
La Moda, Placa del Vi. 13 Girona


  1. I hope you had a nice, relaxing holiday and are raring to go with some nice Spanish-inspired (???) designs. This shop looks a real treasure trove. I have fond memories of Girona, the markets and fab shoe shops. I love Mediterranean cities.

  2. What a gorgeous little shop! Found you through bloesemkids, you have a wonderful home and super work x



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