bird life

Who doesn't love birds? We are lucky to live high up in SE London overlooking woodland so we see all kinds of bird life, from stringy London pigeons to noisy flocks of green parakeets, even a kestrel swooped in on a mouse in our tiny garden. In bird spotter style we list them on our black board. Birds feature in my ever expanding collection of charity shop and boot sale finds, here is just a small selection of my current favourites, there are a lot more!


  1. Lovely selection, I think the black one's my favourite, along with the fabric. Like the idea of listing the birds you see.
    I love SE London, went to Goldsmiths in New Cross and lived in Blackheath and Greenwich. Great memories!

  2. Terrific inspiration...funny how there are so many interesting kinds of birds around us! You have an especially nice grouping. Thank you for the Monday morning bright spot. I do really like the blackboard wall (with the bird names listed!).

  3. I love the square birdie dish and I LOVE your prints. Beautiful designs and colours.



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