elizabeth and gerald rose

I have a small collection of children's books written in the 60's by Elizabeth Rose with brilliant illustrations by Gerald Rose - what a team! These pages are from the Gingerbread Man, they are so full of life, they always make me smile! I found these in a second hand bookshop a few years ago, they were selling the discontinued contents of a children's library for 30p each! It's almost impossible to find books like these in charity and second hand shops these days - where have they all gone? probably all to abebooks!


  1. This post made me think of "The Story of Zachary Zween" by Mabel Watts.

  2. I'm doing a post on Gerald Rose and the Emperor's Oblong Pancake. I would like to use your photo of the book collage and will link it back to you. If you would like to view my blog go to: www.theartofchildrenspicturebooks.blogspot.com




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