roddy&ginger's shop

I will be taking roddy&ginger to Kids.Modern on 18th April and opening up shop for the day.
Kids.Modern is a fantastic once a year event organised by the Mid-Century Modern people and it showcases the latest furniture, fashion, toys and collectables for design loving parents and their lucky little ones. This lovely old '50s kitchen cabinet is going to be my 'shop'. I didn't realise quite how grimy it was when I bought it from our local junk emporium and it has been a labour of love to restore it involving a lot of scrubbing, sanding, painting and handprinting of lining paper. The idea is to sell it on the day - but after all this hard work will I be able to part with it? 


  1. Wish I lived somewhere nearby... things are looking great. I'll have to tell my connections there to drop by! :) Erica


  2. Aha!...That's why you have been so busy lately?
    It would be great to be at this event...I wish you big success there!!

    What a lovely kitchen cabinet. It will be the best showcase for your works. Congratulations, you did a nice job with it!

  3. Love the cabinet - it's a great setting to display your work. Where did you buy the cabinet? I've been looking for one like that for ages.

  4. Also I meant to ask if you sell your stuff in any shops in London? I can't make it to the Midcentury event (a shame as it looks great).

  5. The cabinet came from a vintage shop in Crystal Palace. I do have a few stockists in London - details on my website. I will also be having an open studio event for two weekends in May, details yet to be blogged!



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