a bit of a mess!

A busy weekend at Cubbyhole Kids. I have never been very good at editing so I piled my table high and I have to say it looked rather overstuffed! I came back to a weekends worth of orders and my sewing machine decided to have its annual festive breakdown so once again my trusty old Singer has come out of retirement. Still sewing a fine straight seam and smelling that peculiar Singer sewing machine smell. I love it, this is one machine that won't end up in the All Saints window display!


  1. I think your mess looks just fine!
    I had problems with my sewing machine too and bought a new one at Christmas. It works so well!
    I alson have a pretty old sewing machine (not as old as yours...) but I don't have the bokklet and I can't make it work...
    Have a great year!

  2. I love your stuff - have just discovered your blog through etsy.. and I know what you mean 'bout the singer smell! I just rescued my grandmothers machine (learned to sew on that) from my mum who was going to hand it in to a charity shop - phew. It has some strange extra appendages I havent worked out what they do!



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