lovely neighbours

One of the best things about doing a sale is meeting the other sellers and I was very lucky to have lovely neighbours last weekend, a good number of them from leafy south east London. I was tempted by the softest knitted characters from sally nencini, and the coolest dressing up clothes from i wish i was a... (mainly for kids but these super-hero cuffs would make a boring Christmas party outfit look just a bit more super) But, last of the big spenders I spent my profits on these delicate vintage paper fans from winter's moon. They took me right back to finding one in my Christmas stocking along with a cellophane fortune telling fish and a shell that grew paper flowers when you put it in a glass of water. We were easily pleased in those days!

Also nearby were beautiful dresses and pyjamas from helen gordon,  lighting from helen rawlinson and vintage kids chairs from molly meg.

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