it's cold outside

And inside too as our boiler has broken down, so hats and mittens are essential wear inside and out. We have finally had it fixed today so life is getting back to our toes. I have just about posted all our Christmas orders, hoping that the snow doesn't hold things up too much; but I am afraid there may be some delays. These snowy images are from my collection of 1960's illustrated books - Momoko's Birthday with lovely watery illustrations by Chihiro Iwasaki and a poem from Robert Lewis Stevensons A Child's Garden of Verses which just captures a winters day and is beautifully illustrated by Brian Wildsmith.


  1. The best thing, is that you will look young much longer than me in this cold weather...(sorry for the bad joke!)
    The true, is that if I were you, I couldn't survive to all this snow!
    Hope you'll get fixed your boiler soon!

    Beautiful illustrations :-)

  2. Glad to hear your heating is back on!
    I have Robert Lewis Stevensons A Child's Garden of Verses - the Penguin paper back version with lovely pencil drawings - but I love the coloured illustrations in your book too.

  3. Hope you have some warmth in your house now Virginia. Have a very Merry Christmas, and I look forward to following your ventures next year.



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