flower power

I like Christmas decorations but I really like taking them down and replacing them with flowers! One of my new years resolutions is to have more flowers so I am looking forward to sunday trips to Columbia Road flower market. My other resolution is not to buy so much from boot sales and charity shops but that is going to be a bit harder to keep, maybe an equal balance between donating and purchasing would solve my storage problem!


  1. Same here! I've just filled the house with tulips and also have hyacinths in forcing fars and filled my isak cups with them too..

    Planning on having all possible containers growing bulbs to bring Spring closer! Now there's an idea for your carboot finds!
    Lou x

  2. Nice resolution!
    I love fresh flowers at home, but charity treasures too!

    May I suggest a simple solution? you keep on shopping at boot sales and charity shops, but then reselling to me! ;-)

    I love your treasure hunting!


  3. I'm the same...my decorations are down on the 1st of January! I like to remove all signs of Christmas by then to embrace the new year! Sadly I have yet to replace this with beautiful flowers like yours Virginia! Thanks for your comment re my print too...really, really helpful.

  4. What a lovely idea. I had some pink lilies over Christmas which were gorgeous but I like your idea of filling what seems like an empty house with flowers after Christmas.



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