stress buster

Taking my lovely daughter to Kings Cross station on the bus with two giant suitcases, mislaying my Oyster card, leaving £50 in the cash machine, some mornings are just very, very stressful. So I went for a walk up to Islington and found myself in Penhaligan's where the deliciously old fashioned smell of their Elizabethan Rose eau de toilette had a magical calming effect. It would make a truly delightful mother's day/valentine/anniversary/whatever present (yes, that is a hint!)

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  1. Hi Viginia, thanks for your comment! You dont' have to rub it in about your Cathrineholm! I am already envious of your ercol day bed and your ceramics collection to name a few! Sorry to here you had a stressful day... big hugs, hope the rest of the week gets brighter. Lou x



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