monoprix update

I didn't have a moment over the holidays to report back on the Monoprix story.  I had a fairly quick response from the Director of Homewares. They recognised the 'similarities' in the design, and told me that the product was purchased from one of their suppliers in India and they were going to question them about its origin. In the meantime they promised to withdraw the product from their shelves, which I hope they did. A later email informed me that they had had no explanation from their supplier, I wonder how hard they tried?
I don't think there is much more I can do, although I did point out to them that it is the retailers responsibility to make sure that the designs they purchase are originals and their suppliers are honest. Also, why not commission original designs from real designers? A quick look on the internet shows an overwhelming amount of creative talent out there. But of course that's exactly what the unscrupulous producers in India and elsewhere are doing - we must all beware.

Now - here are some originals! I have just put these daisybird screen prints into my etsy shop on sale at $30. The little ceramic bird belongs to my sister - I wish it was mine!


  1. Good for you. Your birds are gorgeous, and you did all you can do to stop the copying. Best of luck in 2011... thanks for the lovely work.

  2. Hi there, I just found your blog and so am unfamiar with the story but have to say your work is lovely! In fact, I hearted you work on eddy just today but didn't realize you also had a blog until I saw a link of a fellow bloggers site :)

  3. I'm so glad that you did pursue the matter. I think that they will withdraw the designs since they have responded so. I have often wondered the same thing as you - why large companies that can afford to do so, don't commission original designers for their work? I guess it's cheaper not to and why they are making the big bucks.

  4. lovely work and site! i guess you like sanna annukka too?!!

  5. Well I'm glad they recognised the similarities and have withdrawn it. That's the main thing.....I imagine they didn't try very hard at all with the supplier. Typical, but oh well. Let's hope it doesn't happen again. I'm very tempted by your blue daisybird for new home (when we move).



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