local colour

This region of Spain is rich in colour, houses that are not built of local stone are painted in a patchwork of earthy tones. This shop in our local market town sells loose pigment by the scoopful in dusty plums through to terracottas and brights that remind me of the powdered paint we used in primary school.

p.s. it's my birthday today, I am always in Spain for my birthday which means I don't have to celebrate it at home so it appears that I am not getting any older, which is fine by me!


  1. Happy Birthday Virginia - have a wonderful day!

  2. I wish you a wonderful birtdhay at GRO.
    Petons! :-)

  3. Happy birthday! Looks gorgeous where you are. X

  4. How lovely, must be such a nice way to buy paint and personal to everyone rather than tins in b&q! And according to the above post it was your birthday! Happy Birthday! x



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