giveaway winner!

Thank-you for your lovely comments, overall the runaway popular colour was most definitely silver birch, followed by moss yellow with woodsmoke just behind, so very useful information when I order my first batch. I agree, it's very hard to decide, my favourite on the roll is woodsmoke which is a really lovely smokey grey blue colour but on the wall and in the pictures I'm with the majority, I prefer silver birch.

I couldn't work out how to do the random number picker so you will have to trust me with the time honored hat method. And the winner of the logpile cushion, picked out from roddy's aunty dill by my son is Rebecca from Little Tree who favoured the moss yellow paper. You can uncross your fingers now Rebecca! (I have left a message in your comments)


  1. Oh well, never mind, i'm buying 2 as soon as they're in stock anyway :)

  2. Wow! I never win anything i'm so excited! It was my birthday on sunday so maybe there was a little bit of magic still left for my name to get picked!x



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