keeping warm

Getting used to being back home, trying to find all the things I put into a 'safe place' before I went away, eating giant vegetables from the allotment, keeping warm under beautiful welsh blanket found in local vintage store and catching up with last months Elle Deco (the one with the embarassing front cover… I speak from experience and always wipe our 'quirky wall feature' clean after teenage parties)

And, great excitement! the first batch of logpile wallpaper has arrived, I hope to have it in my shop by the 1st September.


  1. What a beautiful blanket - inspiring colours don't you think?
    Great news about the wallpaper. x

  2. Gorgeous blanket Virginia. Hope you had a great holiday and are raring to go - the launch of your beautifu wallpaper is going to be a big event.

  3. Giant vegetables are funny but still make great soups etc! lovely blanket i want to cuddle up in that now! good luck with the wallpaper, exciting stuff! x

  4. I love the blanket, it's beautiful!

    I Hope I can find a blanket before the winter, however I think I could do with one now! :)


  5. The blanket is just stunning - would you mind letting me know where you got it from? we are moving to crystal palace soon and I'm trying to get a feel for the area. thanks, claudia

  6. Hi Claudia, it came from Grace and Favour which is in Northcross Road in East Dulwich. Great move to Crystal Palace - it's most definitely the place to be, there seems to be a new vintage shop/cafe/bar opening every week, I get lots of my bits and pieces there. V x



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