blue notes

I have not been a very good blogger lately, a bit busy, a bit empty headed and not much happening in  the charity shops. But I did find these heavy weight Danish cast iron cooking pots, folksy mug and Dansk spiky candle holder. I was not sure about the blue colour of the pots but looking round the house I see that blue seems to be my colour of the month, might be something to do with the wet and gloomy English weather. I am off to Broadstairs this weekend dog-sitting while my sister and family are at a festival, I think I have the better deal!

Thank-you for all your lovely comments on the trays, I think I have made up my mind now!


  1. Hope the sun shines for you in Broadstairs!

    I love that book Seal Morning - must read it again soon.

  2. So many lovely things around your house! The blue pots are so nice and look to be in great condition.

  3. Gorgeous finds, I have a similar Dansk candle holder and the same editions of Seal Morning and Ring of Bright Water. And that mug is lovely! Enjoy your weekend of dog sitting, judging by the rain we're having right now you've definitely got the better end of that deal!

  4. Blue makes me feel so happy. I have a similar pile on blue books that are just so strokable somehow. Beautiful pictures - your home looks so light x



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