busy week

We photographed the trays and cutting mats yesterday, friend and photographer Heather Hobhouse made sense of my collection of tasty props and backgrounds. I am really looking forwards to the results later this week. And my seven day sale continues in both shops which along with a new wholesale order meant hasty reprinting of some designs on Monday. I usually love printing in the summer because everything dries in an instant on the washing line but persistent rain means nowhere to dry screens and prints so my studio looks like this.

Use this code SEVENDAYSALE for 25% discount in my easy and online shop, sale ends on Friday.


  1. Ooh exciting new products! Love you studio space...very jealous!x

  2. You've painted your kitchen blue/grey what a gorgeous colour! Can I ask what it is. I have a about 10 paint colours striping my dining room wall and I can't make a decision. My green is also going to be replaced by a grey/blue. lou x

    1. Hi lou, yes the green had to go. The grey is from a local shop Colour Makes People Happy http://www.sieclecolours.com/ and is called 'nothing makes people happy'. Simon, who owns the shop has an eccentric way with paint names. Good luck with choosing your paint colour! v x

    2. Well it does make me happy anyway! Thanks will have a look at that... thats the place with the clogs right, you've blogged about before.. off to look x

  3. lovely to see your studio, and the production line! x

  4. I always love to see where people work! Especially when it's mixed in with the kitchen as well...



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