home grown cafe

We have come to the conclusion that our allotment is not really about supplying ourselves with home grown vegetables. What we really like is making it look nice! And what we like even more is drinking tea and eating cake. This has now been made all the better with the arrival of our own allotment cafe in a van! Parked permanently and open on Sundays for breakfast, teas and delicious lunches. Salads picked straight from the plot and cakes traded for a cup of red berries, it is perfect, we feel very lucky!

The girls who run the cafe also do location catering, find them here 

The allotment is going to have to fend for itself for the next few weeks because we are off to Spain for our hols, no doubt when we come back our too tiny to pick courgettes will look like giant marrows.

Happy summer! 


  1. An allotment cafe?! How posh is that! Enjoy your hols x

  2. Oh wow... I need one of those at my allotment. Then maybe I will go there more often. It really has been neglected since spring. Ah well there is always next year! x

  3. What a wonderful idea! Trading your fruit and veg for cake sounds good to me! As does the sweet potato gratin...yum x

  4. oh wow, that's amazing! great idea!



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