casual living

Look who's hiding under the cover! Our house was photographed last year to be included this lovely new book - Casual Living by Judith Wilson published by Ryland, Peters and Small. Believe me, we usually look a lot more 'casual' than this, they have made it look so uncluttered and serene - I want to live there! I have to say the endpapers are my favourites!
This weeks cushion giveaway is going splendidly and thank-you for all your lovely comments. Roddy seems to be winning over Pomegranate tree at the moment but there is still time to enter with your choice just leave your comment here .


  1. Yum! your house looks delicious!
    I have another book, from Judith Wilson at home. Her books are simply wonderful.

    Lucky you to live in such a gorgeous place!

  2. Uh, oh.. another interiors book I just HAVE to have....(is there no end? Your house looks awesome~!

  3. I love the colours in your home especially the olive green with red. Your decor is just my cup of tea! Will have to add this book to my Christmas wish list!

  4. I think this book will make my Xmas list too! your house looks stunning!

  5. ohh I'm sitting here in my kitchen surrounded by clutter that never seems to shift! Your house is gorgeous from what I can see and makes me want to have a big clear out...one day!



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